Pneumatic tires have been known to blow-out many schedules
Of course you are aware of unscheduled downtime costs. Not only is downtime expensive in terms of money but your production schedule and that of your customer suffers.
Since nearly all vehicles such as front end loaders, fork lifts, dump trucks, graders and other off-the-road vehicles operate on tires filled with air, tire problems are frequent. After the flat, the direct and indirect costs of the flat tire start. First there is the cost of repairing he flat tire, then idle time of the operator, machine downtime and lost production. Your enterprise does not need to put up with this anymore.
Thanks to Zeus's development of ZEUS® -Polyfill, vehicles can now be operated in tire hazardous environments without costly equipment downtime and production delays. Safety will also be improved.
ZEUS® LIQUIFILL is a reliable puncture sealing material greatly reducing flat tires caused by punctures. With this innovative preventive tire protection one can drive over sharp objects such as screws or nails with any machines that have pneumatic tires without fearing the loss of pressure. ZEUS® LIQUIFILL when used increases tire reliability. It does not make any difference whether the damage is done by pointed or sharp objects or whether it is due to porous areas on the surface of the tire or to slow air leakage through the valve. Tires with ZEUS® LIQUIFILL stay airtight. For a tire`s lifetime.

ZEUS® LIQUIFILL is based on a suspension which contains minute fibre and rubber particles. When a puncture or a leak is incurred the escaping air forces the sealing material into the puncture.
ZEUS® LIQUIFILL immediately produces an effective and permanent seal from the inside to the outside. Also any leakage from a tire's rim or bead is eliminated safely and reliably in the same way.
ZEUS® LIQUFILL reduces costly machine downtimes and minimises your operating costs. The product's new chemical formula protects the tire's inner lining against oxidation and thus against loss of air and tire failure. This formula is also non-poisonous, non-inflammable, and environmentally friendly and can be easily washed off the tire with water.

ZEUS® LIQUIFILL: Advantages of our Tire Technology at a glance

1)ZEUS® LIQUIFILL is a tire flat-proofing preventive measure. Once it is in pneumatic tires it prevents most flat tires due to punctures and air leakage & is easy to use and installed in less than five minutes.
2)ZEUS® LIQUIFILL acts as a permanent seal from the inside. Rim and bead air leaks are also practically eliminated
3)ZEUS® LIQUIFILL stops the oxidation process in the inner lining of a tire, which is permeable to air and would lead to a permanent loss of air as well as premature tire failure.
4)ZEUS® LIQUIFILL is based on a liquid formulation of a suspension that contains a large proportion of uniform high-tech fibres and rubber particles.
5)ZEUS® LIQUIFILL reduces downtimes and thus operating costs that would be incurred by punctured tires and their repair.