Non Marking White tyres are Watts' most popular special compound product, largely due to the growth of the food and pharmaceuticals industries and the increasing awareness of hygiene.

The white sidewall and tread compounds eliminate black driving and braking marks and residue caused by tyre wear, contributing to a cleaner working environment
Watts Non Marking tyres are available in the Premia and Kargo K2 ranges, in both standard and Limpet options. Press on band tyres are also available in white.

The performance characteristics of these tyres are the same as their black counterparts in terms of good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build up, optimum tread life and full load carrying capacity.

CAUTION: Watts non-marking white tyres do not possess anti-static properties. Equipment should therefore be fitted with earthing straps when operating in explosive or inflammable environments.   

Features and Benefits

Watts offers most of its leading brands in non-marking white specification, including Premia, Kargo, Duramatic, Freightmaster CX and Super Cushion. The features and benefits of each brand are described elsewhere in this guide. If you simply want the best non-marking tyre available in the marketplace, Premia offers:

1) Greater wear resistance due to optimised tread (interlocking block pattern) design
2) Optimum tear strength and high abrasion resistance as a result of advanced tread compound
3)Increased forklift operating time due to dramatically reduced rolling resistance
4) Improved driver comfort and shock absorption as a result of resilient centre compound encapsulated by tread rubber for total protection
5) Superior quality due to the use of premium grades of natural rubber


Aerospace, Airports, Electrical goods, Food and beverage, Optical equipment, Paint production, Paper pulp, Pharmaceuticals, Precision engineering, Public buildings, Textile industry, Amusement Parks, Hygiene