Zeus®-Polyfill is a Zeus patented polyurethane product which has proven itself over the past 20 years in flatproofing of tires under hazardous conditions. Zeus®-Polyfill flatproofed tires are used world wide by industry, cities, police and by the military in order to reduce downtime and for safety reasons. The air in the tires is replaced through the valve with liquid Zeus®-Polyfill that cures in 24 hours to form an elastic rubber core that can never leak or go flat.
Tires flatproofed with Zeus®-Polyfill have a spring rate and ride quality comparable to air filled tires and can be operated in hazardous on and off-road conditions until ready for recapping. Safe and trouble free since, once flatproofed with Zeus®-Polyfill, your tires will not and cannot go flat even in the most demanding conditions.
Maintenance free from constant inflation pressure checks. Once inflated to the proper working pressure as recommended by the tire manufacturer or your tire specialist, the Zeus®-Polyfill'ed tire will maintain the proper pressure. The added benefit of constant proper inflation pressure will assure you the maximum mileage. Extreme temperature conditions from 120°C to minus 40°C do not effect the elasticity of Zeus®-Polyfill. No flats and high comfort from the Sahara to Siberia.
Zeus®-Polyfill'ed tires can operate at speeds of up to 80km/h (50mph) without danger of overheating. Any tire size, tube type or tubeless, can be made flatproof with Zeus®-Polyfill. Tires flatproofed with Zeus®-Polyfill are especially recommended and really prove themselves under the most hazardous tire environments.
Zeus united the advantages you need: the indestructability of solid rubber tires with the spring comfort of air filled tires.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions
1)Are there any tire size limitations for flatproofing of tires ? No, Zeus®-Polyfill can be used from the smallest handcart tires to the largest off-the-road tires.
2)How heavy are tires filled with Zeus®-Polyfill? Zeus®-Polyfill has a specific gravity of 1. Hence the weight is the same as filling a tire 100% with water.
3)Will the added weight have negative effects? No, to the contrary. The added weight acts as ballast giving the vehicle more stability and better traction.
4)Can Zeus®-Polyfill'ed tires be recapped? Yes, as long as the tire casing is in sound condition.
5)How is the quality of Zeus®-Polyfill guaranteed? Zeus manufactures Polyfill a polyurethane tire flatproofing material by itself. Their chemists have at their disposal a state-of-the-art laboratory. All incoming materials are tested to insure they meet the stringent specifications, computers control the production and every batch is thoroughly tested before being packaged. This insures superior Polyfill every batch.